Games Education South West


Games Education South West

„Games Education South West“ focuses on education in the games industry both in Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland. This round table seeks to initiate an exchange between schools, R&D departments, industry players as well as administration and regional political institutions in Baden-Württemberg. Switzerland enhances this objective with insights into successful industry strategies, provided by Sylvain Gardel, Head of Impulse programs at Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. The round table and its lively discussions are kicked off by Oliver Passek (Ministry for Science, Research and Arts Baden-Württemberg / ZDF Television Board).  The discussion is facilitated by Stephan Reichart, Chairman of the German Association of Game Developers G.A.M.E., the German Game Developers‘ Conference (Quo Vadis) and German Game Developers‘ Conference.
Participation is by invitation only.

Organizers: Professor Mario Doulis (Merz Akademie) and Professor Inga von Staden (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg)

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